Admission Process Overview

Visual Communications: Art & Graphic Design
at Farmingdale State College


Academic Eligibility
Office of Admissions, Laffin Hall 631-420-2200
Applicants’ academic records are evaluated by the Office of Admissions to determine if the student is academically eligible to enroll in the Visual Communications program. This includes a review of high school transcripts, SAT scores, and college transcripts for transfer students and returning professionals. In addition to a successful academic record, all applicants must have successfully completed at least one full year of art. Students transferring from another college must have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA. Official transcripts from high school and college must be forwarded to the Office of Admissions.


Applicants deemed academically eligible to enroll in the Visual Communications program will receive an invitation to present their artwork for review.


Artistic Eligibility
Department of Visual Communications, Hale Hall 631-420-2180
The diverse artistic experience of our applicants requires that we evaluate artistic skills in a manner that is both uniform and comprehensive. In order to complete the application process, applicants are required to attend an Art Test session during which a committee comprised of faculty from the Visual Communications Department evaluates each applicant's current level of artistic skill, and potential for success in the program.


Each session consists of a one-hour drawing test, followed by a review of each applicant’s portfolio. Of course, each applicant’s work will vary according to his/her educational and artistic experience.


Our applicants experiences range from a single art class, to a college degree in art from another institution. Each applicant’s artwork is evaluated on its own merit.


Art Tests are offered once a month from November to January for Spring Admission and from February to July for Fall Admission. Applicants are invited to sessions on a rolling basis as their applications are received. Failure to attend an Art Test and Portfolio Review may result in cancellation of the application.


For additional specific information, please e-mail Mrs. Pauzé at, or call 631-420-2180. For questions about your academic eligibility, please contact the Office of Admissions at 631-420-2200.


Student Portfolio
We would like to see approximately 15 pieces of your best artwork, neatly presented. The samples included in your portfolio should reflect your ability to create and execute artwork in a variety of media. Specifically, your portfolio should reflect your proficiency in drawing (still-life, landscape, the human figure, etc.) and design (two-dimensional graphic design, texture, pattern, etc.). Work may be done in pencil, charcoal, pastel, ink, marker or paint media (please make sure any oil paintings are dry, and any charcoal or pastel drawings are protected with fixative). It would also be helpful to include samples that show your use of color, as well as typography and page layout work. We would prefer to see your original artwork, rather than slides. Please do not include any large three-dimensional projects among the samples (photos or slides would be acceptable to represent three-dimensional projects or very large two-dimensional projects that are difficult to transport). Matting or mounting is preferable, but is not required, as long as the work is presented neatly. In general, your artwork should be on a minimum paper or canvas size of approximately 8" x 10" and a maximum of approximately 18" x 24". We recognize that there is a wide range of programs and classes available from one school district to another, therefore we evaluate each student based on their artistic potential as well as their prior accomplishments.



A Few Suggestions for Possible Sample Projects



Please make sure that your name is printed clearly on the back of each piece of artwork and that there is a label or luggage tag on your Portfolio or carrying case with your name, address and telephone number.