A good education depends less on your professors, classmates, or environment. A good education depends on how much you value it.

Student Focus

Michael J. Morgan

Dates of attendance at Farmingdale State College:
Fall 2007-Spring 2011

Year of graduation
Spring 2011

Career aspirations
Having done freelance for 7 years already, I am looking to relocate to somewhere in the United States to work with a group of talented and inspiring designers. My main interests have always been in layout design be it print or on the web and I would like to work for a place with individuals who help, challenge and educate me. Eventually, I would like to work for a university teaching students about the design process.

Current classes
Agency I (Jack Harris)
Advanced Web (Jack Harris)
Pre-Press (Walter Sosnowski)
Animation (Adrian Sinnot)

Why did you choose Farmingdale State College?
In a strange way, I feel the school chose me. It was the summer and I was in between semesters at Stonybrook University. I was unhappy with both the environment and my choice of major (English). I was sitting outside relaxing in the sun and knew I needed a change. A friend of mine who was attending Farmingdale continually urged me to major in Graphic Design considering I had already been working in the Adobe Suite with no education for over 4 years. After thinking things over, I went back inside my house and on my desk there was a flier from Farmingdale promoting the graphic design program. I took it as a brush with fate and called the department up instantly.

Can you describe your experience and the value of a Farmingdale education?

As a freshmen at Farmingdale I instantly wanted to work in the Adobe Suite. Instead, I was forced to learn drawing and illustration. I didn't understand it at the time, but looking back it was crucial to my development as a graphic designer. It inspired me to keep working harder. Throughout my education here, I kept focused on the overall goal: to absorbed everything I could and be the best graphic design that I could possibly be. I found that the majority of professors were there to help and guide me. Given that a majority of them come from a background in the design industry they are an invaluable source of information for the future of every student.

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